hope wellness

The objective of Hope Wellness Center is to offer shared space to medical professionals to offer high quality care, prevention, and educational programs to residents in West Louisville that will empower individuals to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.

The Hope Wellness Center will allow medical professionals in all fields the opportunity to launch their own medical practice.  The shared space concept affords the accommodations of a full medical facility with at a very affordable rate.  The space is specifically located in an area of our city that needs more access to quality care.  This is a benefit to potential patients as well as to the new medical professionals who are starting their new practice.

The Hope Wellness Center has been established to serve communities with quality care that need Urgent and Primary Care the most. To date there is no other urgent care service located in west Louisville. The Hope Wellness Center is committed to the communities, families, and patients we serve; by providing the most affordable quality care in an efficient and effective manner.