opportunity corner


op·por·tu·ni·ty: A favorable or advantageous circumstance; A chance for progress or advancement;

A chance or prospect.


The purpose is to develop and maintain a unique shipping container market place open year round to be used by persons who live in and around the West Louisville neighborhoods and Louisville’s community at large. All activities at Opportunity Corner will be centered and aligned with our four focus areas. 


Many people in the community have what we positively call "a hustle" whereby they sell items they have made themselves (crafts/clothing/food), or they have a talent and/or a service they can offer to others. The Black Community Development Corporation would like to provide a venue and an "opportunity" to give some legitimate entrepreneurship to the neighborhood "hustle". In many cases, all that is needed to turn a dream into reality is the "opportunity". 


The Black CDC will partner with resources that offer small business workshops that will assist any person/business who want to use the vendor’s space.  The workshops will be offered quarterly and upon successful completion, an individual and/or business can then “set up shop” for a pre-determined amount of time at no cost to the business. If an individual or business opts not to participate in the workshop but would still like to use the market place, a minimal usage fee will be assessed to that individual/business. Opportunity Corner will provide the West Louisville area a unique place to buy and sell goods and services provided by their own community neighbors.


Our decorative, functional and urban centered diverse Market Place corner will provide the physical space for those who need it. Additionally, Black CDC will provide entrepreneurship mentoring and business development to assist businesses to become successful and to maximum their potential.


The Black CDC, other community organizations and businesses will host numerous educational opportunities at the Market Place including employment fairs, literacy fairs, networking socials, and specialized workshops offered by schools, businesses and other organizations in the community.



Individual and public health issues are very important to the life line of any community. We will specifically provide health advocacy outlets at Opportunity Corner. We will host health expos, health screenings, and drug awareness meetings and welcome organizations that specialize in health related issues to host educational/informational sessions.


Violence Eradication & Prevention

Throughout the year there will be several community building events, diversity and inclusion training, holiday bazaars, as well as food and clothing give-a-ways, Opportunity Corner will be used by community groups for community engagement events throughout the year. This will foster community pride and foster social and economic empowerment throughout West Louisville and the city at large. This will certainly assist in the eradication of violence in our community.