sons of issachar 


The Sons of Issachar (SOI) Academy is a nine-month program that is designed for at-risk male youth, first through eighth grades. It provides a program for learning, advancement, life skills and social development. SOI promotes young males as scholars and gives them a sense of self-worth that may be missing in their lives.


In 2001 the SOI Academy was developed to teach new rules, new norms and give the highest expectations for behavior and academic achievement. Our approach to youth development is highly structured and incorporates order and discipline. Students learn traits we believe will create more opportunities in their future.


Primary Goals

- Goal 1:  Improve Character Development

  • Promote social responsibility

  • Promote community service

  • Decrease discipline occurrences

- Goal 2:  Improve Scholastic Achievement

  • Increase reading & math scores

  • Increase and sustain GPA

- Goal 3:  Improve School Attendance & Engagement

- Goal 4:  Improve Family and Community Relationships

Increase parental involvement

Features & Benefits

  • Program is designed specifically for males at potential risk of academic under-achievement.

  • Students are instructed and mentored by qualified staff who support student learning goals and who will aid students in their personal development.

  • Social and emotional learning skills provided.

  • A safe and positive environment is provided.

  • Nutritious snacks are provided daily.

  • Students MUST participate on a consistent basis.

  • Transportation is provided from several area schools in our targeted district.  NO transportation provided home from program.

  • Parents should be actively involved and attend suggested workshops or conferences.