It is in the spirit of true servant leadership that Black Community Development Corporation (Black CDC) seeks to bring economic empowerment to distressed communities. We take the position that we can no longer remain complacent in response to the challenging needs of bringing economic growth and social freedom to create sustainable employment and education, business and entrepreneurial developments and economic opportunities that are not just for the wealthy, but anyone who Dares to Dream. 


Community organizations all across the country are changing the face of communities and neighborhoods. In the Metro Louisville Area, Black CDC continues to set the mark by engaging in strategic partnerships and creative alliances with government agencies, for profit entities and other not-for-profit organizations to bring about changes in our community.

The future of organizations such as Black CDC will play an even greater role in changing our communities as the nation wrestles with moving people off welfare rolls. More than 35 million people across this country continue to live below the poverty line. The government is now turning to faith-lead/grass root institutions to take a proactive role in how communities are being revitalized, lives strengthened and empowered, violence prevention and nurturing dysfunctional families. It has been said that building strong families creates strong communities, and strong communities builds strong Cities. 


As we move through this 21st century, the greatest need across our nation is the building of community. Community speaks of an inclusive society where every person has access to the resources, education and privileges that sustain life. Community speaks of every person having the opportunity to experience what it means to be truly human. Black CDC has created many collaborative partnerships with faith based groups, city and county government, the Federal Department of Labor, and a host of agencies in our determination to increase the quality of life for our communities.

Black Community Development Corporation's mission is: "To creatively change spaces towards establishing a self sustaining community.”  As servant leaders we willfully sacrifice our time and exhaust our intellect to improve the situation of others.  We serve persons residing in the Metro Louisville Area.  

Black CDC addresses Health and wellness, economic empowerment, and the eradication of violence, through our programs the Hope Wellness Center, Opportunity Corner and the UJIMA Experience.  In addition, we take on community development projects that create employment opportunities for the persons we serve in underserved communities. 

27 years

in operation

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